Wire and Cable

Soluções de tecnologia de fibras têxteis revestidas e bloqueadoras de água ajudam a reforçar, isolar e proteger cabos de fibra ótica e de energia.

3x faster absorption with Coats Ultrabloc S

Proven to be the best fibre in terms of absorption speed and capacity as well as tensile strength when compared to competitors.

Coats Gotex FG

Lightweight and flexible, this yarn strengthens and prevents overuse of fibre optic cables.

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Coats Aptan XTRU for braided wire harnesses

Keep heavy-duty equipment in excellent operating condition by protecting engine components with quality wire harnesses.

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Protect your connection against rodents

Rodent damage to communication cables is more than just a nuisance; it can result in costly repairs and service interruptions.

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